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IYO ‘Get n Go’ Burger Bar

Two city dudes on a farmish mission: making ethical foods more accessible and super tasty.

In 2013, a big idea came out of a small flat. We wanted to do something good and we both loved food. We decided to start a mobile burger shop that sold something super tasty and was about a whole lot more.

Inside out burgers are our specialty, each patty filled with artisanal cheeses and other gourmet ingredients. The goodness inside the patty is only the start. We only do business with local suppliers and focus on reducing our environmental impact and using ethical products where ever we can. What makes our burgers so good on the inside is what we’ve put in from the outside. Our mission is to show the world that eating and being ethical is easy and can be super tasty, just like our burgers.

We started our humble little journey at Oranjezicht City Farm Market and opened our first burger bar in 2015. You’re standing in the first IYO ‘Get n’ Go’ Burger Bar. Delicious foods made with traceable produce and undeniable ‘Zazz’, on the go.