MOJO Market

KUBU African Grill

Kubu was born from our passion of all things African, combining a menu selection that’s broad and bold, with blends of vibrant flavours all constructed to express the knowledge of African ingredients.

We saw real magic in a table that brings together meat from around the world, the entire Safari in-front of you, captured in a noble hunt part of a thousand years of tradition.

As we were formulating the Kubu concept, our main goal was not to make a great deal of money but to however create an awareness and appreciation of the different African foods available and select an offer that is healthy and tasty.

We thought of bringing something even more interesting, let people explore and find adventure in dining with us, that’s when we decided to bring in the wildest meats like crocodile, the famous and nutritious mopane worms and many other stuff available now.

Our grill is mostly based on venison meat because it is healthy, very low in fat and cholesterol and has soon become a favourite of health conscious individuals, including those on restrictive diets.

We got even more attracted to the venison after getting in touch with the Cape Venison owner who gave us more info on the benefits of venison and signed up to be our supplier. Non-farm produced animals are more resistant to diseases and of course do not live on a diet of antibiotics and steroids.