Work at Mojo


Mojo means charisma, talent and charm! We are often on the lookout for people who embody these incredible qualities and aren’t afraid to Show Their Mojo!
To be a Mojo Employee means being part of a dynamic, and constantly-evolving work environment within our Mojo Family.
For available positions at The Mojo Hotel, check here.


In your application to work at Mojo, please send the following documents to

  • A 3-page CV
  • Ensure that your CV is a maximum of 3 pages, with the front page including your details and a short covering paragraph.
  • A recent photograph
  • The photograph should be a head and shoulders photo with a plain background.


Job 1
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Job 2
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Job 4
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Please note: we only employ those who have their own private transport or those who live in close proximity to Sea Point Other applications will not be considered.
A member of our team will make contact you for an interview if your application is successful.
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