MOJO Market
Just a Rumour

Just A Rumour ~ Beads made with Love started off as… Just A Rumour around our circle of friends, workplace and neighbourhood, 6 years ago it was a small project, something to do in our spare time, now 6 years…

Kings of Denim

Mani Bains has been creating collections for some of the worlds best design houses and brands across the globe. After mastering his skills from the best craftsmen in the industry, it was time to launch his own inspired collections. Kings…


For those seeking comfort and style… Authentic kikoy fabric, locally manufactured and based in Cape Town.

Krag Drag

Famous for their quirky t-shirts and novelty items Krag Drag stocks a wide range of products from baby grows to beard oil, you’ll be spoilt for choice when shopping here. If you’re looking for a gift with a sense of…


Krokette is a crispy crunchy Dutch delicacy served with a variety of sauces. It’s delicious and leaves you wanting more and more.

Manga Sushi

Manga celebrates an eclectic mix of Asian & Eastern/Pacific cultures and offers diners a dynamic mash-up of contemporary style-food.

Modern & Tribal

‘After no less than 12 trips to Turkey, Deon Behrens was inspired by the rich, colourful, earthy textures of the carpets, kilims and handwoven fabrics he found there. He decided that he wanted to incorporate his purchases from Turkey into…

Mussel Monger

The Mussel Monger & Oyster Bar, founded in December 2015, is a brand of the MY PLACE Group. As with all our brands, we believe in doing one thing super well and becoming renowned for it. We are immensely passionate…

Noa Hummus Bar

Looking for the best hummus in town? Look no further, Noa Hummus Bar is without a doubt the place! Certified Kosher they offer the most delicious hummus with delectable toppings and sides. Open six days a week, closed on Saturdays,…