MOJO Market

At Oink we like the meat to flavor itself. We spice it then slow roast on the premises for four hours bringing out the best the meat has. You can then add sauces (barbecue and Sriracha) to taste.

Salad Bae

In the mood for something healthy? Help yourself to a delicious assortment of fresh goodies from Salad Bae. The only thing fresher would be if you picked it yourself!

Sha Sha Warma

There is nothing better than sinking your teeth into a glorious bite from Sha Sha Warma. Served with a smile and a deli-style salad bar these babies are BIG and delicious!

Simply Exotic

With flavours to tantalize the taste buds Simply Exotic delivers on both taste and value for money. With fresh naan breads, chicken tikka and more, Simply Exotic is simply gorgeous!

Tao’s Chinese Kitchen

From spring rolls to sweet and sour there is something for everyone at Tao’s Chinese Kitchen.

TeAwesome Tea

Modern Taiwanese Tea Culture TeAwesome aims to represent an authentic introduction to modern Taiwanese tea culture by offering a variety of freshly brewed beverages and creative snacks. The TeAwesome concept is based on the hugely popular tea shops originating out…

The Rib Shack

Created by chef Brad Ball, The Rib Shack brings you only the best, finger sticking global sticky ribs! They are tender and juicy, covered in a delectable dressing and barbecued to absolute perfection! All that is left is to get…

Tortilla Modern Mexican

Tortilla Modern Mexican serves restaurant quality food at fast food speeds. Fresh, fast & fun with a Mexican kick.


Pop into Vlerk for the finest crafted chicken wings in town. You can choose from a variety of flavours as well as extra crispy with a side of fries…