MOJO Market

Argies Grill

We are ARGENTINA in Cape Town, and as such we represent it with our food,
customs and culture. Hence we specialize in Argentinian ASADO (Braai on the stick)
style in Cape Town, and we offer it to private events, catering, weddings and

Since we opened this division in early 2013 we have done many
caterings and some big weddings (120 – 180 guests). We offer a onestop
shop for your event, as our goal is to make your life easier. We can
offer the following services:

• Food (Asado, finger food, salad bar, deserts, etc)
• Beverages (Argentinian Malbec Wine, fully bar, cocktails)
• Entertainment (Tango & Salsa dancers, Latin DJ, etc)
• Décor (accordingly to the theme of the event)

FOOD: Obviously the best ASADO experience in AFRICA! Plus also a
range of starters such as cold meat, vegetarian & cheese platters to
choose from. Our salads are unique to us, mixing grains such as
Quinoa among others. And our finger food can be adjusted to the
client’s specification, from smoked salmon cookies to our classic
empanadas and mini beef sandwiches.

BEVERAGES: Without MALBEC you cannot call it ASADO! So we offer a
very beautiful Malbec from Mendoza in Argentina that just pair
amazingly with our food offerings. But we also offer a full BAR area
where you can have all your usual alcohol beverages plus our unique
Cocktails. We work with companies that specialize in this area such as
our partners PUREMIX.

ENTERTAIMENT: We offer the best local teachers and dancers of Tango
and Salsa. Our performers are professional dancers and also teachers,
giving us an edge when doing corporate events, as we can organize
group classes as well. Our Latin DJ is from Argentina and understands
(after living here for 14 years) the perfect mix between Latin Music and
South African culture.

DÉCOR: We understand that without proper décor you cannot pull off a
perfect event. We offer unique rustic ideas to suit the client’s
preferences and in accordance to their budget and vision.