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King Kong Leather

Established in 2002 by John Ebako, King Kong Leather had humble beginnings in Woodstock, Cape Town. Ebako manufactures premium-quality leather goods, spending much of his time creating each item to perfection. His knowledge of leather, combined with his creative ability to design and make a range of everyday goods, saw King Kong Leather grow steadily over the next few years.Today, King Kong Leather has a talented team of 7 members, 2 outlets, supplies a range of stores and creates leather costumes for the film industry.

Says John: “King Kong helps up-skilling under-privileged persons and development of trade-related hands as well as non-trade related experience.”

King Kong is currently relocating from a small workshop located in Albert Road in Woodstock to a bigger space at 145 Lower Main Road, Observatory. The company has also secured premises currently under development at the Old Boat Yard, also in Woodstock – set to become a new central public transport hub.

“A variety of new products have been implemented according to current technological & trend related requests. There are always new developments as we pride ourselves when it comes to supplying customers or the movie industry with custom made leather props such as shoes, sandals and clothes.
Overall the business has grown significantly from about R300 to R3000 a day and key success factors have been facebook, online shops, the film industry.”