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Natasha Collins Jewellery

Natasha G Jewellery houses the intention of purposeful design, we custom design and hand craft every piece of Jewellery that leaves our workshop with acute attention to detail, proportion and flow. We design pieces that are timeless and intentional.

Every aspect , every part of each piece of the Jewellery has been carefully thought out, designed and crafted, there are singular and unique creations.

Natasha G draws inspiration from her home town London, her current surroundings of South Africa as well as drawing inspiration from other locations around the world. Every piece that is designed and crafted at Natasha G has had intensive attention to its hand-crafting process and all the pieces will bear their own original markings.

We do not believe in limits , if you can conceive it we can create it. We are continually challenging our own design methods and processes ,we are striving forwards and are in constant motion. As for the Natasha G summer catalogue we are keeping things elegant and light .

Some of our signature pieces are Silver earrings, Rings and Cufflinks with Ebony Wood inlay, creating pieces that are dramatic and striking yet are left undefined.

Our statement necklaces opitimise symmetry and uniform flow and have the mysterious ability to be a statement piece or an everyday background piece.

Our earrings are designed with consideration of facial proportions and the female neck line. The silhouette of the earrings, where and how they fall enhance the power of the female form.

ORA meaning “now” in Italian, echo’s the presence and craftsmanship behind each piece that is created. Each piece of Jewellery is hand-crafted, leaving a customized finish on each item of the ORA range that leaves Natasha G.

Each piece of Jewellery is unique and the patterns and designs come as the piece is being made hence the name.